IFTR 2019 - Translation, Adaptation Dramaturgy WG, CFP

03 January, 2019 by Katja Krebs | 0 comments

Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy Working Group, IFTR 2019, Call for Papers

In recent years, we have witnessed a rise in populism and nationalism in mainstream politics. A number of democratic countries in Europe, such as Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, to name but a few, have seen a move to a populist right-wing nationalism exemplified by parties such as Freiheitspartei Österreich, Marie Le Pen, Alternative für Deutschland, and figures such as Victor Orbán. The United States’ current President is probably the most persuasive example of the marriage between populism and nationalism in contemporary politics. Most recently, Brazilians have elected the far-right Jair Bolsonaro who presented himself as anti-establishment while defending dictatorship and torture. Such widespread challenges to a ‘liberal international order’ through a construction and perpetuation of fear, so-called alternative facts, and the deconstructions of memories of populist nationalisms are important discourses of the moment.

The Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy working group of the International Federation of Theatre Research invites paper proposals which investigate current and historical relationships between practices and processes of translation, adaptation and dramaturgies on the one hand and the politics and concerns of nationalism and populism on the other.

Contributions may address but are not restricted to:

·         Dramaturgies of nationalism

·         Adaptation and populism

·         Radical politics of and in Translation

·         Construction and Deconstruction of political memory through Translation, Adaptation, Dramaturgy

·         The relationship between texts and translation, adaptation and dramaturgy as closed imperial systems

·         Audience as an exclusive regional sphere

We will, of course, also consider proposed papers which relate to the main conference theme Theatre, Performance and Urbanism.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 7 January 2019 but please note that the deadline for applications to IFTR’s conference bursary is 20 November 2018 (https://www.iftr.org/conference/bursaries).

In order to be able to submit an abstract, you must be a member of IFTR. Please, see https://www.iftr.org/conference for more details.


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