Minutes of SWG Business Meeting June 2016

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Summary of the SWG business meeting in Stockholm on 15th June.

Scenography Working Group Business Meeting - 15 June 2016


1.) Announcements of conferences and upcoming publications.


-     Dominika Larionow, Magdalena Raszewska, and Pawel Dobrzycki announced details of a conference they are organising at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw for Autumn 2017. The title will be What does stage design mean today and how should it be taught?', and the session will involve three panels; education; contemporary stage design; practice. Detailed information will be available at the websites/; AICTE, OISTAT, ITI, PTBT, and at www.asp.waw.pl/scenografia


-    Lucy Thornett reminded members that the scenography working group of the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) will meet at the annual conference, which will be in Bristol this year, 5-7th September. The working group have already issued a call for papers on the theme of scenography and borders, and more information is available at www.tapra.org


-    Sofia Pantouvaki announced that the first issue of Costume and Performance is now available, and that there will be a Critical Costume conference in Germany in early Autumn 2017. Information will be available from www.criticalcostume.com


-    Jane Collins and Arnold Aronson spoke about the Theatre and Performance Design Journal. The current edition is a special issue in response to the Prague Quadrennial and is available now online and in print. Jane has organised an institutional discount for SWG members, those at IFTR are advised to give their names at the Routledge desk, and then ask their home institutions to subscribe.         

                        - There is currently a call for papers for a themed issue on Drawing and Design, which will be published in the spring of next year. Information available from: http://explore.tandfonline.com/cfp/ah/theatre-and-performance-design-drawing-and-design

                        - A double issue focused on sound will be published in December/January.

- In Autumn 2017 there will be a special issue on video and projection, for which a call will be circulated later this year.

- December 2017 will be a special issue, edited by Thea Brejzek and Lawrence Wallen around the theme of model boxes in deign.

- The Spring/Summer 2018 will be a special issue on Opera. This will tie into a conference and exhibition at the V & A museum in Autumn 2017.

- The editors also welcome more general articles on scenography, and suggestions for future themed issues. 


-    Arnold Aronson will be re-releasing The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography.


-    Scott Palmer and Stephen Di Benedetto announced the new book series on Performance and Design that they are co-editing with Joslin McKinney for Bloomsbury Methuen.  The first title, an edited volume, Scenography Expanded  is due for publication in Spring/Summer 2017. The editors welcome proposals for the series and have a range of available formats.


-    Stephen Di Benedetto spoke about two journals.  Scene, from Intellect Press. He is currently seeking articles for upcoming issues. http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Journal,id=206/

-    ASAP/Journal is a multidisciplinary journal published by Johns Hopkins University Press, with a mix of open calls and themed issues. Information available from: https://www.press.jhu.edu/journals/asap_journal/                       



2.) Review of the minutes from Hyderabad


3.) Matters arising

-    Members reported finding the peer review process helpful in developing their proposals.

-    Scott and Nick reflected on the potential need for multiple presenting formats, and an ongoing review of forms of presenting.

-    Continuing need to find ways to connect with local researchers, particularly in a non-European context. Nick Hunt noted that there are people in other working groups pursuing topics relevant to scenography and that attracting new participants may have to do with the framing and disseminating of the call for papers. Fiona Watt suggested experimenting with offering events or workshops to attract a broader audience. Sofia Pantouvaki mentioned having some contacts in São Paulo that may be worth pursuing for the next conference.


4.) New co-convenor


Following the three-year term, Scott Palmer is now stepping down as co-convenor in order to ensure that others also have the opportunity to be involved with convening the group. Sofia Pantouvaki was elected the new co-convenor by unanimous vote. Scott will will continue to assist Sofia & Nick in the transitional period leading up to the next conference.


5.) Periodic Review


Given the time constraints of the meeting we did not discuss the periodic review in this session. The document is in the Dropbox and on the IFTR website and contains changes to the WG mission statement that need formal approval.


6.) Any other business


Several members mentioned having difficulties with registration, and expressed thanks to Scott and Nick for their extensive help at the time. The new IFTR website should resolve these issues for the future.


Minutes compiled by Katherine Graham.

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