22 December, 2017

We would like to invite researchers to submit their work for discussion at the Political Performances Working Group meeting at the 2018 IFTR conference, which will take place on 9-13 July in Belgrade, Serbia.

Presentation formats

For IFTR 2018 we plan to curate presentations in a variety of formats, including 15/20 min papers, performance presentations, shorter provocations, and round table. If you have a preference for a particular presentation format or would like to team up with other colleagues for a panel, please indicate so in your abstract submission. Depending on the type of presentation, colleagues may be asked to share their work with other members in advance of the conference to facilitate deeper and longer discussions at the conference.


IFTR 2018: Call for Papers

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Theatre and Migration’, a pressing area of enquiry that directly relates to the preoccupations of the Political Performances Working Group. As such, we encourage colleagues to address the general CFP for specialist discussion within the Working Group meetings. As noted in the CFP, possible topics include but are not limited to:


  • Migration/ national identity/ national theatre
  • Performing borders
  • Access and mobility
  • Theatre history and historiography of migration
  • Migrating histories
  • The nascence and consequences of stasis
  • Creating and deconstructing stasis
  • Identity politics and the ‘humanism of the other’
  • Gender, race, ethnicity, and performances of belonging
  • Language and translation
  • Performing migratory geographies
  • Stasis as a counterpoint in a world of velocity and constant movement
  • Staging the paradox of hospitality
  • Theatres of migration, mobility, and citizenship
  • Performing stasis
  • Stasis as a possible solution to the postmodern state
  • Postmodern stasis as vacuum filled with or without meaning
  • Political theatre and migration
  • Performing community and displacement
  • Theatre of migrants/theatre for migrants
  • Ethics and agency of staging the Other
  • Open, closed and mobile spaces of performance
  • Migrating aesthetics
  • Theatre, migration & spectatorship
  • Migrating audiences
  • Migration, mutation, appropriation
  • Migration as the release of tensions
  • Performances of inclusion—migration and cultural policy
  • Migration, participation and delegated performance
  • Media, migration, theatre
  • Affect and efficacy
  • Theorizing migration and theatre
  • Ecologies of theatre and migration



The Political Performances Working Group welcomes new members and is keen to hear from academics across all career stages and geographical locations.


Submitting your abstract

Abstracts for the Political Performances Working Group should be submitted through Cambridge Core by 15th January 2018. 

In order to make a submission, you will need to become a member of IFTR first. If you already have a Cambridge Core account, you can download instructions on how to join IFTR here. If you do not have a Cambridge Core account, you can download instructions on how to join IFTR here.  

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