CfP Performances in Public Spaces WG IFTR 2017

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CfP Performances in Public Spaces WG IFTR 2017

The Performances in Public Spaces Working Group is inviting proposals for our forthcoming meeting at the IFTR annual conference in São Paulo in July 2017.

IFTR 2017, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

10-14 July, 2017


Unstable Geographies, Multiple Theatricalities

The Undisclosed Public Space


Deadline for bursary applications: 22 December 2016

Deadline for proposals: 15 January 2017


The 2017 conference theme, Unstable Geographies, Multiple Theatricalities, aims at the political and economic issues underlying the territorial and symbolic conflicts of a globalized world and, at the same time, targets the expansiveness of theatrical and performative fields that recognize and surprise each other. Massive migrations and the growing deterritorialization of human cultures have been accompanied by increasingly unstable artistic standards, concepts and institutional relations.

Under the umbrella of this theme, the Performances in Public Spaces Working Group aims to discuss and perform practices and actions that re-negotiate, appropriate and inquiry the underlying geographies of the public space. In this regard, we encourage proposals that through individual, collective or networked practices challenge the conventional notion of public and the making of space. We especially encourage contributions beyond paper presentations, such as workshops, theoretical provocations, roundtables, site-specific conference works and other cutting-edge formats. Of course, this is not intended to be an exhaustive demarcation of activity but rather to stimulate the potential participants to submit proposals that engage with the public space through innovative formats and might add diversity to the group meetings

Attending to the Conference Theme, our WG will work on the idea of ‘The Undisclosed Public Space’ through the following strands:

·         Performance and uncontested public space

·         Public space as political landmark

·         Everyday life and the making of the public

·         Invisible violence in the public space

·         Identities and cultures in the public space

·         The subtle insurgent public space: online and offline experiences

·         Choreographies of the public

·         Hidden layers of history in the public space

Be aware that co-conveners might organize paper presentations in roundtables, if they consider, in order to enhance fruitful discussions within the group.


Submission Procedures

Submissions must be done through the IFTR registration process (see links below). After you submit your abstract through IFTR, please also email a copy to the conveners. Please ensure you make it clear if your proposal is for an academic paper or a workshop/ provocation/ site-specific action.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 January 2017. If you apply for a bursary by 22 December 2016, you also have to submit your abstract via conference website by the 15 January 2017.



Notice on acceptance will be given by 15 February 2017

Finalized traditional papers for São Paulo are to be submitted by email by 15 May 2017. 

Papers will then be distributed to the groups’ members for discussion about a month before the conference. Rather than reading out papers in São Paulo, we expect participants to read them in advance so that we can make the most of the time we have available for discussion.

 Please note: IFTR rules prevent individuals from presenting more than one paper during the conference

 Working Group Co-convenors 

Esther Belvis Pons

Lesley Delmenico


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