Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies

Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies investigates performative pedagogies within interdisciplinary international and cross-disciplinary contexts.

The aims of this working group work are:

- To examine the origins of interdisciplinary live - digital (online) and physical, as well as a hybrid - performative pedagogies within the international context
- To draw connections between the existing theatre pedagogies and apply them in cross-disciplinary collaborations with other disciplines 
- To examine the impact that performance practices and methodologies can have within other fields of scholarship through pedagogical practices (i architecture, film, visual arts, politics, historiography, etc.) 
- To question the relationships between audiences and performers within the interdisciplinary performance practices. 

Our members contribute to a broad range of disciplines and international perspectives. The group has 11 core members from Higher Education Institutions and at a community level from 7 countries. 

Working Group Convenors:

Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic ( UK); Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University

Dr. Maria J M. Sanchez ( UK);  Staffordshire University

Working Group Members:

Prof. Stephen Simms (UK); Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University

D Jonathan Day (UK); Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University

Dr Boris Daussà-Pastor ( Spain); Institut del Teatre 

Dr. Maria Nieves Martinez de Olcoz ( Spain); Universidad Complutense de Madrid  

Prof. Jorge Dubatti (Argentina); Universidad de Buenos Aires

Rodolfo Garcia Vazquez ( Brazil); Os Satyros

Prof. Maria de la Luz Hurtado ( Chile) ; Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Sumit Lai Roy ( India); Red Curtain International

Prof. Ivan Pravdis ( Serbia ); University of Novi Sad
Dr Svetlana Volic  ( Serbia); Belgrade University of the Arts


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