CFP 2022: Shifting Centres: In the Middle of Nowhere

13 January, 2022 by Lisa Fitzpatrick | 0 comments

CFP 2022: Shifting Centres: In the Middle of Nowhere

For our first face to face meeting in two years, the Feminist Research Working Group is adopting the overall conference theme, Shifting Centres: In the Middle of Nowhere.

IFTR 2022


Call for Papers


Following two years of meeting online, we are hopeful that our dialogue will continue face to face in 2022, in Iceland. The Working Group is adopting the overall conference theme, Shifting Centres: In the Middle of Nowhere, and we encourage papers that explore the interrogation of the middle, the periphery, and ‘nowhere’ from a feminist perspective.


The Conference theme emphasizes issues that recur in feminist scholarship and in the scholarly work of our membership: issues of perspective, or margins and the centre, and of the Global North and Global South. 

Papers might consider, for example:

·      Women’s position as marginal to the public world, but centred in the domestic and the family space 

·      Motherhood – performances of motherhood and maternity

·      Women’s position in relation to the domestic and the maternal in the contemporary world

·      Women’s activism in performance, through performance, as performative, and its relationship to their family and domestic roles

·      Women’s work that is visible and work that is invisible

·      Issues of text and subtext; of who is visible and who is invisible in the centre and in the periphery

·      The significance of perspective, and the challenges of negotiating between perceived margins and perceived centres, North and South, East and West

·      Conflict and Crisis: dispersal, displacement; protection; crisis at the centre and at the periphery

·      The impact of crises (including the climate crisis) on the performance of gender, and social understanding of gender

·      Environmental & Eco-Feminism: 

o   in relation to nowhere

o   in relation to periphery

o   positioning of women in the new Green deal

o   impact on women of climate change

o   disappearance of habitats, countries, ways of life; and that all in relation to domesticity, family, and maternity.


As always, members are welcome to submit abstracts that reflect their own current research, even where this does not intersect with the focus for the meetings.


Abstracts for the Feminist Research Working Group should be submitted through the Cambridge Journals Online pages by 31 January 2022: Cambridge Core website. Abstracts cannot be submitted to the Working Group conveners. 


Please direct any questions you may have about the conference to

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