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International Archive of Theatre Journals

The International Archive of Theatre Journals has been designed with the purpose of making any scientific journal on theatre quickly and extensively accessible. The archive includes both journals that are still being edited and journals that have been discontinued from the year 2000 onwards


The following e-journals are all peer-reviewed, academically rigorous publications dealing with theatre and the performing arts.

The following e-journals are all peer-reviewed, academically rigorous publications dealing with theatre and the performing arts.

Consciousness, Literature & The Arts

CLA is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to relate literature and the arts to the exploration of consciousness. The journal publishes both scholarly and creative work, and publishes three to four times annually.

Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today

Didaskalia publishes papers on the topic of Ancient Theatre from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

e-misférica: Performance and Politics in the Americas

e-misférica is the online journal of the Hemispheric Institute. This biannual publication explores the uses of and interrelations between performance and politics in the Americas and is published in Spanish, Portugese and English.

Estudis Escènics

Estudis Escènics is the journal of the Institut del Teatre and its higher drama and dance schools. Founded in 1957, it features works of research, reflection and debate on the performing arts in Catalonia and all over the world.


InTensions is an interdisciplinary journal published biannually by the department of Fine Arts Cultural Studies at the University of York in Toronto, Canada. The journal aims to compile work by scholars and artists whose works deal with the theatricality of power, corporealities of structural violence, and sensory regimes.

JCDE: Journal of Contemporary Drama in English

The Journal of Contemporary Drama in English focuses on issues in contemporary Anglophone dramatic literature and theatre performance. It renegotiates the understanding of contemporary aesthetics of drama and theatre by treating dramatic texts of the last fifty years. The peer-reviewed journal publishes essays that engage in close readings of plays and also touch upon historical, political, formal, theoretical and methodological aspects of contemporary drama, theatre, and performance. JCDE appears twice a year: the first issue is based on the annual international conferences held by CDE, the second issue invites individual essays on contemporary theatre and drama in English. The journal also contains a review section.

 Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies

Liminalities aims to expand opportunities to share peer-reviewed work, to publish multimedia texts and projects that could otherwise be difficult to circulate, and to make work internationally accessible. The journal is published three or four times annually.

New Zealand Journal of Research in Performance Arts and Education: Nga Mahi a Rehia

This journal aims to support the publication and development of New Zealand research on drama, music and dance in education and to contribute a NZ perspective to international dialogues in the discipline of performance studies.

Nordic Theatre Studies

Nordic Theatre Studies is the only English language peer-reviewed journal for scholars writing on all aspects of Nordic and Baltic theatre and performance, and for Nordic and Baltic scholars to present their research to the world. The journal is published biannually.

Pamiętnik Teatralny 

Pamiętnik Teatralny [Theatrical Memoir] is the only academic journal in Poland devoted to the history and historiography of theatre and drama. The quarterly covers mainly topics related to the broadly understood theatrical tradition and culture in Poland, inviting other contexts of theatre and drama studies and interdisciplinary discussions as well. Among the methodologically diverse papers we publish, the contributions based on archival documents or annotated critical editions hold a special place. 


Perfformio is based at the Centre for Performance and Literature, Swansea Metropolitan University. The journal publishes papers by academics and practitioners of the performing arts and allied disciplines twice annually.

Performance Paradigm: A Journal of Performance and Contemporary Culture

Performance Paradigm is an interdisciplinary journal of theatre and the performance arts published annually in themed issues.


Platform is a performing arts journal aiming to publish high quality articles by postgraduates and early-career academics. The journal accepts both academic and practice-based papers, and is published twice per year.

Popular Entertainment Studies

Popular Entertainment Studies is an e-journal based at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and publishes two issues each year. The journal aims to stimulate debate and dialogue in the broad field of popular entertainment studies, and invites papers from a wide variety of disciplines.


Scenario is a bilingual (English & German) publication that examines the role of drama and theatre in language education. The journal is published twice yearly and is based at University College Cork, Ireland.


African Theatre Association

The African Theatre Association is an international non-profit society open to scholars and practitioners of African performance and theatre. Its primary aim, through its annual conferences, is to be a forum for the exploration of African performance and theatre processes.

All About Jewish Theatre

This site aims to promote Jewish theatre and performing arts around the world, and contains an extensive list of resources for the study of Jewish theatre, news about past, current and future events (including both performances and academic conferences), and a directory of practitioners.

American Society for Theatre Research

The ASTR website offers users information on the society as well as conference information, membership details, access to the ASTR list-serve, CFPs and book review guidelines for Theatre Survey and information on prizes, grants and fellowships. The site's list of resources includes information on book publishers, job postings, Doctoral programs, and online primary and secondary sources.

Applied Theatre Guide

The ATG is an online resource for applied and interactive theatre scholars and practitioners. The site offers a variety of resources divided into the major categories of the discipline, such as 'Boal Techniques' and 'Theatre in Education' amongst others. There is also an impressively long list of online resources and links to websites dealing with applied and interactive theatre practices.

APGRD (Archive of Performances of Greek & Roman Drama) 

The APGRD is a research project based in the Classics Faculty at the University of Oxford. It investigates the performance of ancient texts from Greek tragedy to Roman epic, in any medium and any period, from stage to screen, from antiquity to the present day. The APGRD website hosts: a database of modern performances inspired by ancient works; an ancient performances database; the catalogue for its archival and library collections; and numerous digital resources such as multimedia ebooks and recordings of lectures, performances, and in-conversation events, with high-profile academics and creative practitioners.

Association for Asian Performance

The Association for Asian Performance is an international organization of scholars and artists interested in the theatre and theatrical performance traditions of Asian regions.

The AAP holds an annual conference which includes academic discussions, performances, and workshops.  The AAP also publishes Asian Theatre Journal, the premier scholarly publication for the study of theatrical performance in Asia.

The AAP web site provides AAP announcements, conference information, and other news of interest, including calls for papers and information about performances of interest.

AAP welcomes new scholars, artists, and others.  AAP membership includes a subscription to Asian Theatre Journal and the AAP Newsletter.

Association for Canadian Theatre Research

The website of the ACTR provides information on the association and its initiatives, including its annual conference, membership, and list-serves in both French and English. The site also offers access to the association's journal, Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches Théâtrales du Canada.

Association for Theatre in Higher Education

The ATHE is an organisation that brings together individuals and institutions in promoting excellence in theatre studies. The website offers information on the association and its annual conference, as well as a variety of resources for both scholars and practitioners. There is also a useful list of job postings, information on grants and fellowships, access to the association's list-serve, and a list of journals of interest to theatre scholars. The site mainly pertains to North American opportunities.

Australasian Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Association

The ADSA website provides information on membership, the association's annual conference, grants and prizes and publications. There is also a links section devoted to resources for scholars on Australasian drama studies.

Baku International Theatre Conference

The Baku International Theatre Conference is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic. The main goal of the conference is to provide tribute to the prominent theatre performers and experts from all over the world to discuss the common challenges and opportunities facing contemporary theatre.

Centre for Performance Research

The Centre for Performanc Research (CPR) is a multi-faceted arts organization, working nationally and internationally. Through its participation and presentation programmes – working across a range of disciplines that include dance and theatre, installation and performance, music and multimedia projects, site specific and landscape-based events – CPR promotes emerging artists and ideas, explores the relationship of innovation to tradition and pursues the underlying artistic and socio-political issues raised by the work.

Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project

The CASP website offers scholars and artists a vast collection of information on Shakespearean performance in Canada. An online anthology, a searchable digital archive, and a multimedia library with images as well as streaming audio and video are all available through the site, as are interactive learning tools for younger students and an extensive library of essays and documents. There is also an online bibliography and links to various other online resources.

German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English

CDE promotes and conducts research and teaching in the area of recent and contemporary theatre and drama in English in our publications and our annual conference, which unites contemporary playwrights, actors, directors, drama critics, academics in the field of theatre and drama, and teachers of theatre and drama in secondary schools.

 The Hemispheric Institute

The Hemispheric Institute approaches the study of the Americas from an interdisciplinary perspective that embraces scholarly, artistic, and political models. Their website offers information about the institute and its initiatives, as well as details on Encuentro, their bi-annual conference/performance festival and E-MISFÉRICA, the institute's online journal. The site also offers visitors access to an extensive collection of video resources.

International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts - SIBMAS

The SIBMAS website contains information on the association itself, including membership and governance details, as well as a complete listing of the association's conferences since 1954. The site also offers links to national collections and, through the International Directory of Performing Arts Collections and Institutions, information on over 7000 collections of material relevant to theatre and the performing arts.

International Association of Theatre Critics/Association Internationale des Critiques de Théâtre

The IATC/AICT aims to bring together theatre critics from around the world. Their website offers information on the association, its members and upcoming events in both English and French.

International Centre for Performance Studies

The ICPS aims to foster communications and dialogue amongst different branches of performance studies. Their website offers information on the centre, including its mission and conferences, and publications. There are also links to the centre's partner institutions, related sites, and online resources.

International Theatre Institute

The ITI was created as a joint enterprise by UNESCO and the international theatre community, and exists to promote dialogue and exchange between scholars and practitioners of theatre arts. While the site remains under construction, it aims to offer information on the ITI itself, as well as prizes and publications made available by the institute. The site also hosts the annual World Theatre Day and World Dance Day messages.

Interweaving Performance Cultures

Dedicated to the creation of a new approach to performance studies, the International Research Centre for Interweaving Performance Cultures, directed by Professors Erika Fischer-Lichte and Gabriele Brandstetter, brings together up to ten scholars from a variety of backgrounds each year. The website contains information on the project, CVs from current and previous Fellows, information on their projects, and a video archive.

Irish Society for Theatre Research

The Irish Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) aims to facilitate research on Irish theatre in its national and international contexts in terms of an engagement with the full spectrum of Irish theatre from page to stage. The field of Irish Theatre Studies is being transformed by new approaches to the rich history of Irish theatre and by the remarkable diversity of contemporary theatrical practice. ISTR was founded in order to develop and promote new and challenging ways of thinking about Irish theatre which engage with diverse contemporary historiographical, theoretical, cultural and performance frameworks. 

The Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars

The Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars aims to: promote cooperation between researchers and postgraduate students as well as to contribute to the development of graduate programs in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland) and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) through regular seminars; to provide information on the association's activities and ongoing research and dissertation projects, and to provide information about the Nordic, Baltic and international research and educational activities; to publish the journal Nordic Theatre Studies.


Palakar is a nonprofit theatre organization that started its journey with a new hope to do something different in the theatre arena in Bangladesh. It inaugurated its activities from 2002 with some experienced and young people. PALAKAR has experience working with various organizations and institutes which work together under the umbrella name PALAKAR. This is the first total theatre company in Bangladesh, that has a good organization, qualified staff and a good work force with innovative ideas.

Performance Studies International

PSI is an association devoted to fostering communication and exchange between scholars and practitioners in the field of performance. The website offers information on the association, its annual conference (including existing working groups) and awards.

Society for Theatre Research

The Society for Theatre Research is an organisation located in the United Kingdom, founded in 1945, and dedicated to the history and technique of British Theatre. The website offers information on the society, membership, publications, events, and links to other organisations.


This site is a collection of French-language writings on theatre hosted by l'Université du Québec à Montréal.


Theatron is an online resource that offers users digital reconstructions of a number of historically significant performance spaces, from the Theatre of Dionysus to the Drury Lane Theatre. You may need to download updates to view this site.

Union International de la Marionnette

The UNIMA website offers multilingual information on the union, including membership info, events and training, as well as the union's electronic newsletter.

World Performance Project at Yale

The World Performance Project is an interdisciplinary performance studies research group that runs performances, workshops, lectures and symposia on a variety of topics and promotes programs across departments at Yale. This site offers information on the project's current and previous initiatives, as well as providing archival materials in both document and video formats.

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