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The BJPS is calling for previously unpublished articles within the scope of the theme SOUND IN PERFORMANCE, by the deadline of 31 January 2024

The Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies [Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença], an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that does not charge submission or publication fees, is calling for previously unpublished articles within the scope of the theme SOUND IN PERFORMANCE, by the deadline of 31 January 2024.

Interest in the dimension of sound is relatively recent in international research in the performing arts. Despite numerous reflections on isolated aspects of sound in performance – such as voice, sound design, sound techniques, acoustics, or music for performance – Theater Sound was not studied as a whole until the early twenty-first century. In this context, the thematic section “Sound in Performance” aims to bring together these studies. Therefore, authors are invited to submit articles from various theoretical and methodological perspectives (actors and actresses, sound designers and technicians, playwrights, directors, the public or of space itself), considering one or more of the aspects listed below.

Techniques and Technologies: from acoustics to text, including sound design, analog and digital sound technologies and materials (microphones, sound amplification, software), vocal techniques, music, noise, and sound effects.

History: issues related to the sound history of the performing arts, such as conventions (sounds permitted or prohibited to the public), elements that compose the sound landscape of the performing arts (such as the prompter, the barker), or aesthetics and techniques from other times.

Dramaturgy of Sound: sound as a fundamental element of performance, which can include issues such as the notion of dramaturgy of sound and the use of sound to organize a performance: studies about sound composition and materiality or even music and sound used on the stage or only in rehearsals to provide a certain rhythm or movement in a play.

Thus, the Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença hopes to receive work that is the result of studies and research that address the theme in some way or that involve the field of the performing arts (theater, performance, dance, opera, circus, street manifestations, and other popular expressions), which is the foundation for a broader discussion about the related issues. 

Proposals that consider the practices of Open Science are especially appreciated. These practices give more visibility to the processes that support the study presented, creating the opportunity to consult attached documents and different versions of the text and discussions related to the article published.

Submissions should conform to the journal’s standards and be posted directly to our submission system, to undergo our general evaluation process.

To submit a paper for this call, it is essential to select the proper heading on the journal’s website (“Sound in Performance”). We remind you that the journal does not charge for submission or publication and uses a double-blind peer-review system. Texts can be sent in Portuguese, Spanish, English, or French and will be published in two languages. Once an article is approved, authors who sent the original text in Portuguese or Spanish (and Portuguese speakers) will be asked to send a translation in English as a condition for publication of the articles. The translation should be done by a translator indicated by the journal and at the author's expense. The journal will provide the translation to Portuguese of those papers sent in English or French whose authors are native to these languages as long as financial resources are available at the time of the edition. Additional information can be found on our website,; our guidelines can be found at “Author Guidelines”.

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