Transforming Broken Wings

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Transforming Broken Wings

Open Call for for Artists and Practitioners with Disabilities, Chronic Illnesses and Injuries to join our International network.

Image: Small mosaic tiles pattern forming a Tree of Life background Mosaic by LRafael (Licensed to Intercultural Roots)


Transforming Broken Wings (TBW) is being proposed and developed as a supportive international and interdisciplinary art network, where artists and practitioners with disabilities, chronic illnesses or injuries can give and receive transformative help, as they also contribute to make, share or facilitate art work with others. TBW was initiated in Feb 2023 by Krisztina Ferencz and members of 'Growing Intercultural Roots in Communities' with a lived experience and is being supported by Intercultural Roots for Public Health (UK Registered Charity Number 1179885) born from the IFTR Embodied Research Working Group.

Krisztina Ferencz, the initiator of TBW,
 is an interdisciplinary performing artist and educator who lives in Budapest. She comes from a dance-theatre background and has worked internationally as a performer and as an educator. Krisztina was working as a kindergarten teacher for several years, until she was diagnosed with MS in 2022.

How To Join Us

 (Google Form Questionnaire)

We have created a questionnaire that is intended to survey the collective needs of potential TBW members so that we can apply for funding, resources and support to plan and better support the network.  Should you opt-in, your preferred name or nickname and email address will be used to add you to our online Basecamp platform that allows asynchronous conversation and access to shared resources and planning tools.  It will also help us plan for the best time of the week for most people to attend future meetings and to add you to the Zoom meeting schedule, with meetings recorded as appropriate and shared on our Basecamp platform for those who can't attend.


TBW aims to offer:

- Creative Health / Arts and Health activities

- Re-activation & artistic skills development

- Back to Art – collaborative opportunities for co-creation, publication & performance

- Networking & communication

- Links to local organisations who support disabled artists

- Surveys to help identify and address the needs of our community

- Opportunities, guidance and support to apply for Open Calls & funding

- Training and development opportunities

- Volunteering opportunities

The only questions in this survey that are required to be answered are your email address and whether you wish to be added to our network and newsletter. You may ignore any other questions you do not wish to respond to. The collective information we gather from this survey will be shared anonymously, your individual response will be confidentially saved by Intercultural Roots for internal use only and not made public as per our Privacy Policy.


CLICK HERE  (Google Form Questionnaire)

If you have any questions or difficulties completing this form please Contact Us or call / message us on ‭+44 7709 508932‬ (telephone / WhatsApp - Charges may apply)

Financial Support for Transforming Broken Wings?

TBW is currently being supported voluntarily by the artists with lived experience involved and Intercultural Roots' core team. This is unsustainable as costs are already being incurred and will increase as the network grows. We are actively seeking donors, sponsors, funders and supporters. Please Contact Us if you are able to financially assist or please DONATE HERE.


An image of a beautiful blue butterfly with pen wings that are injured

Image: Butterfly by beckett-ruiz (Royalty free by UnSplash)

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