Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies (IPP) Working Group - CfP IFTR Manila 2024

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Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies (IPP) Working Group - CfP IFTR Manila 2024

Call for Papers for IFTR Manila 2024 by the Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies Working Group

Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies (IPP) is the newest working group at the International Federation for Theatre Research, IFTR. With members from a range of disciplines and international perspectives, the group is concerned with the varied intersections between theatre/performance, pedagogy[ies] and society[ies].

Our aims are:
  • To examine the origins of interdisciplinary live performative pedagogies within an international context, including digital (online), physical and hybrid interactions.
  • To draw connections between existing theatre pedagogies – including contemporary approaches to actor education, community engagement, etc. – and apply them in cross-disciplinary collaborations with other areas.
  • To explore the impact that live and digital performance practices and methodologies can have within other fields of scholarship through pedagogical approaches (in architecture, film, visual arts, politics, historiography, etc.).
  • To interrogate the relationships between audiences, participants and performers within interdisciplinary performance practices and the transformative potential of performative pedagogies in theatre, culture and society.
For IFTR’s Annual Conference 2024 at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Manila (15-19 July), we invite paper and performative contributions that address the conference theme, ‘Our States of Emergency, Theatre and Performance of Tragedy’, from the point of view of performance pedagogy and/or interdisciplinarity, and responding to present-day challenges: from climate change to freedom of speech, from representation of the real through AI and VR technology to digital media performance about war zones. In addition, we will welcome proposals that engage with the group’s aims without relating to this specific theme.

IFTR 2024 “hopes to locate the intersecting modes of survival and resistance, the creative means to imagine the world anew, as well as the sympathetic and sensitive modes of sharing, structuring, and saving the world from planetary destruction”. Prompted by this call, we would also like to ask what the state is today of those post-pandemic initiatives designed to reach marginalised communities through hybrid performance and performative pedagogies, as well as inclusive international festivals.

Abstracts of 200 to 250 words should be submitted to 
Cambridge Core by 2nd February 2024. Please note that you will have to be a member of the IFTR to submit an abstract and that you will need to identify the ‘Interdisciplinary Performative Pedagogies’ Working Group during submission in order to participate in our sessions. To join the IFTR or renew your membership, please visit the Cambridge Core membership page.

We look forward to hearing from scholars, practitioners and educators from different disciplines and at any stage in their careers, including postgraduate students. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IPP Working Group convenors:

Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic,

Dr. Paola Botham,

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