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Redefining the Stage: Exploring Digital Transformation in Performance Cultures

It is proposed to have a dynamic exploration of the theme 'Redefining the Stage: Exploring Digital Transformation in Performance Cultures” amongst researchers and theatre practitioners from all over the World. This interdisciplinary conference aims to examine the implications of growing digital intervention in various forms of performance, including cinema, theatre, television, and other digital platforms. It also aims to address the recent debates surrounding the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence and other tools in the performing arts.

Growing digital intervention in various cinematic and stage performing arts is defining a new paradigm in performance culture. Digital intervention in performance culture refers to the incorporation of knowledge based systems and cognitive technologies into various aspects of cultural performances, including theatre, dance, music, and other forms of artistic expression. This integration enables content creators and artists to blend traditional artistic practices with advanced computing tools such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Interactive Experience for the viewer, and more. By doing so, entertainment shifts from being a passive experience to being immersive and interactive for audiences, breaking down the boundaries between the performer and the viewer.

This approach opens up new avenues for creative exploration, allowing artists to experiment with novel forms of storytelling, visual effects, and audience engagement. Immersive Technology interventions can transform the spatial dynamics of performances, enabling artists to manipulate the environment, lighting, and visuals in real time. This dynamic interaction between technology and performance fosters a symbiotic relationship that enhances the overall artistic impact, thereby creating an environment of Extended Reality.

However, new challenges like maintaining the authenticity of live performances, addressing technical glitches, and ensuring inclusivity in digital experiences must be navigated. Also, Artificial Intelligence is already threatening to take over many jobs in the performing art domain, making several writers, editors and craftsmen redundant. The changing scenario throws up questions that workers of the creative world never faced in the past, namely, ‘Has the time come when the machines that we have made have become smarter than mankind?’Nevertheless, the fusion of digital technology with performance culture offers a transformative and evolving landscape that continues to redefine how cultural expressions are conceived, executed, and shared in the digital age.

We welcome abstracts addressing a wide range of themes and areas, including but not limited to:

1. Technological advancement and evolution of performance art

2. Reality, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality in performance arts

3. Digitalization and its impact on live performance practices

4. Immersive experience and audience engagement in art

5. Hybridity and syncretism in digitally created/altered performances

6. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights of artists in the digital era

7. Customized ambience in performance arts: Intelligent Sound and Light design

8. Technological collaboration in digital restoration of art archives

9. The changing landscape of Marketing and Distribution of Art

10. Ethical issues in AI assisted performance cultures

11. Multimedia transgression in live performance practices

12. Personalized digital entertainment and alienation in Society


Prof. Vikas Kapoor

Conference Coordinator


For Registration and other detail see the website:

Deadline for abstract submission: 21 October 2023






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