Skinner Releasing Technique - May-June in London with Lizzy Le Quesne

11 April, 2023 by Alexander Boyd | 0 comments

Skinner Releasing Technique - May-June in London with Lizzy Le Quesne

Experience the Transformative Power of Skinner Releasing Technique with Lizzy Le Quesne in London

Dear IFTR Members,

Intercultural Roots is excited to introduce you to a unique opportunity designed to enrich your theatre, performance, acting, and dance practices: an 8-class series in Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) led by the highly regarded somatic dance artist and certified SRT teacher, Lizzy Le Quesne. This course is part of the 15-session 'Introductory' level developed by SRT founder Joan Skinner and is a central element of Lizzy's practice as research PhD.

As a seasoned performer, choreographer, and teacher with over three decades of experience, Lizzy brings a wealth of knowledge to her students, blending fine art, dance, and somatic practices to create a truly transformative experience. SRT, a pioneering approach to somatic movement, focuses on enhancing creativity, deepening self-awareness, and improving overall wellbeing through the use of guided poetic imagery, touch, and sound.

We highly recommend that IFTR members based in London, England, seize this extraordinary opportunity to explore the benefits of SRT with Lizzy Le Quesne. The course offers participants an immersive journey into the world of somatic dance and movement, tailored to both seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike. This series is perfect for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the relationship between body, mind, and creative spirit in the context of theatre and performance.

Don't miss your chance to unlock your full movement potential and transform your practice. To register or learn more about the course, please visit:

We hope to see you there!

Lizzy Le Quesne

Image: Lizzy Le Quesne

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