Open Call for free attendance! "To Be With" Intercultural Roots Practice-as-Research Hybrid Symposium

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Open Call for free attendance!  "To Be With" Intercultural Roots Practice-as-Research Symposium

“To Be With” - Intercultural Roots Health & WELLth Festival 2022 28 – 30 October 2022, Open House Hackney, London Open Call for free attendance! Application deadline 19 October (midnight)


TO BE WITH - Health & WELLth Festival 2022


“To Be With”
28 – 30 October 2022, Open House Hackney, London
Open Call for free attendance! Application deadline 19 October (midnight).
Intercultural Roots is inviting artists, researchers and practitioners to apply for a 3 day practice-as-research symposium looking at the art of "To Be With" through a prismatic lens of artistic and somatic language and discourse.

The second edition of the Health & WELLth Festival 2022 is bringing to discussion what it is "To Be With" as an investigative dispositive for embodied research practice. Our provocation invites artists and researchers from Performance, Theatre, Dance, Somatics, Eco Art, Activism and Music to critical inquiry about the quality of presence, connection and transformation behind the action of 'being with' as opposed 'to be for' or 'to be against'. 

What are the emancipatory consequences of embracing the connectivity of our presences to reconfigure inter-relational dynamics as practitioners?

Is it possible to consider the power of "To Be With" as a methodological shift much more aligned to the challenges of art making in a contemporary world? And how this new paradigm can offer possibilities of escaping the hierarchal, hegemonic model while reinforcing radical care and supportive companionships. 

Are we brave enough To be With what it is necessary in our life at the present moment? 

This year's Health & WELLth Festival will adopt an internal embodied practice-as-research format and will be fashioned through a prism of five Working Groups and a Hybrid Plenary Session all looking towards the theme of "To Be With":

Working Group 1
Art and Activism: the power of narrative as a transformative tool

Working Group 2
Eco Art: nature, cities and belongs

Working Group 3
Arts of The Body: somatic and social change

Working Group 4
Arts of Listening: sound and meditation

Working Group 5
Dance:  choreographies of being with

"To Be With" Plenary Session (Hybrid)
plus +++

Practice-as-Research Workshop
Ceremonial Meal
Evening Hangouts
For the full schedule and application form see

Intercultural Roots is inviting applications from Artists, Eco-Somatic Practitioners and Embodied Researchers to attend To Be With in person. Your application may be for a particular Working Group, day or for the whole 3-day event. If your application is successful our funding will enable your attendance to be free of charge although you will be invited to make a voluntary donation if you can afford to do so. We will respond to your application by Friday, 21 October.
Application Form

'To Be With' Hybrid Plenary Session - free attendance via Zoom
If you are unable to attend in person, you are invited to register, free of charge, to attend the 4-hour plenary session on Sunday 30 October 2pm - 6pm UK Time. Details below.
Plenary Session Zoom Registration
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