Call for Papers: Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy Working Group

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Call for Papers: Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy Working Group

The IFTR Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy (TAD) Working Group will be meeting at the IFTR conference in Accra, Ghana 24-28 July 2023, and we call for papers.

In response to the theme of the Accra 2023 conference – The Stories We Tell: Myths, Myth Making and Performance – the TAD working group proposes the following specific topics (including any intersections or combinations therein):

  • Oral dramaturgies
  • Dramaturgies of traditional performance (including storytelling, music, dance)
  • Adapting traditional performance to contemporary stage
  • Translation/Adaptation of myths
  • Adapting folktales
  • Translating folktales to another language and culture
  • “Myths” related to dramaturgy making
  • Dramaturgy of form
  • Dramaturgical practices related to re-engaging with cultures
  • Histories of dramaturgy
  • Dramaturgy and religion
  • Dramaturgy and mythmaking and myth-deconstructing
  • Dramaturgies of truth
  • Dramaturging the supernatural
  • Dramaturgy and technology
  • Transmedia adaptation of myths
  • Democratisation of dramaturgical practices
  • Dramaturgies of the future
  • Politics, translation, and adaptation
  • Decolonial dramaturgies
  • Decolonizing dramaturgical practices
  • Dramaturgy and memory

 We particularly invite papers on colonialism and mythmaking.



Abstracts are limited to 250 words and final papers are limited to 4000 words. We welcome all papers from individuals inside and outside our working group that have relevance to the subjects of translation, adaptation, and dramaturgy.

How we work

As a working group, we have a strict deadline of July 1st for the final paper submissions so that all members of the working group might read the papers. In conference, we each give the summary points of our papers and spend the rest of the session discussion the papers in detail with an effort toward improving our scholarship and working toward publication. Each of the working group members will be responsible for reading the papers on their assigned panel ahead of the conference and responding to them in some detail during the allocated  working group session.


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: January 31st 2023

All abstract submissions are made through the Cambridge Core website: 

Please note that in order to make a submission through the Cambridge Core website you will need to become a member of IFTR. Make sure to indicate that you are submitting an abstract to the Translation and Adaptation Working Group. Please do not send abstracts to the organisers. 

If you have questions about the Translation, Adaptation, and Dramaturgy Working Group, please email us at

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