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The BJPS invites submissions related to the theme of PERFORMANCE ART AND PUBLIC INTIMACIES, by the deadline of 31, July 2022.




Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies









The Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença [Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies], an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that does not charge submission or publication fees, invites submissions related to the theme of PERFORMANCE ART AND PUBLIC INTIMACIES, by the deadline of 31, July 2022.




This call invites researchers and artists to submit work related to the theme of PERFORMANCE ART AND PUBLIC INTIMACIES. We are interested in articles that investigate the relationship between Performance and artistic performativity with issues of sexuality, gender and related activisms, in which the idea of ‘performance’ is central as a creative, critical and disruptive tool.




The word ‘performance’ is increasingly broad, even within the artistic field. However, at its foundation, ideas such as body and presence still survive. Artistic performativity creates, even if momentarily, an encounter in which an artist and their work are unveiled in an intimate relationship of artistic sharing with those who are predisposed. In this encounter, the body is a fiction, a construction between an enrooting and a dis-enrooting, between corporality and in-corporality, surface and depth. The performative body is not passive, firstly, it is a sensual and believing subject-body, composed of affections and small perceptions. This body edifies a space, takes possession of this presence, of this space in which it is inserted, creating a space that allows things to be.  This is what gives performance its prospective power, whose desires for what is to come or of what can be are materialized in the pure happening of things.




This call for papers intends to bring together alternative and challenging approaches to issues related to desire, heteronormativity, and the representation of bodies and sex, or to technologies, for example, based on the fertile field of Performance, both in its contemporary practices and as an intermediary of its history.




The Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença is opening space to thematic approaches that explore the proposed theme from different perspectives. Therefore, authors can present articles and essays with theoretical, conceptual, historic or experimental reflections, based on one or more of the following topics:




- Performance art, eroticisms, sexualities


- Performance and intimacy: from the singular body to the collective body


- Performance, bodies, and future sexualities


- Fiction, imaginaries, and fantasies in Performance


- Performance, sex, and video


- The public and private in performance


- Performance, intimacy, and cinema


- Intimacy, aesthetics, technologies, and performance


- Sex, virtual body and cyberformance


- Pornography: performativity of bodies and Performance Art


- Transgender and queer performativity, and performative activism


- Choreographies and sexualities


- Performance, affects and visibility of the intimate


- Spaces of intimacy: architecture, body, performance


- Performance, history and intimacy


- Performance, gender and intimacy


- Performance, ethnic-racial relations and intimacy


- Intimacy and contemporary drama


- Performance, social movements and intimacy


- Performance, literature and intimacy




The Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença hopes to receive works resulting from studies that address the theme, based on the specificity of the dramatic arts or their relationship with other disciplines, establishing dialogs between and with the themes indicated as the starting point for the discussions.




Submissions should conform to the journal's standards and be posted directly to our submission system, to undergo our general evaluation process.




To submit a paper for this call, it is essential to select the proper heading on the journal’s website (Performance Art and Public Intimacies). We remind you that the journal does not charge for submission or publication and uses a double-blind peer-review system. Texts can be sent in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French and will be published in two languages. Once an article is approved, authors who sent the original text in Portuguese or Spanish (and Portuguese speakers) will be asked to send a translation in English as a condition for publication of the articles. The translation should be conducted by a translator indicated by the journal and at the expense of the author. The journal will provide the translation to Portuguese of those papers sent in English or French whose authors are native in these languages and as long as there are financial resources available at the time of the edition.   Additional information can be found on our website,; our guidelines can be found at “Author Guidelines”.


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