Bartenieff-Laban Qigong Dance - Metamorphosis - London

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Bartenieff-Laban Qigong Dance - Metamorphosis - London

London based in-person intercultural embodied research co-labs. Exploring Bartenieff-Laban-Qigong as inspiration, connection and resilience.

Since before lockdown began, Drs. Andréa Maciel and Alex Boyd began building a community of people committed to connecting together through a collaborative investigation of Bartenieff-Laban Qigong dance both in-person and via Zoom. In this new in-person collaborative intercultural embodied research series we are creating spaces and offering tools for participants to ignite and harness a sense of inspiration, connection and resilience through practice.   

Bartenieff-Laban Qigong Dance - Metamorphosis - London

As part of a National Lottery Community Funded project called ‘Roots to Better Health’ we have organised a series of six in-person research co-labs that will take place on Friday evenings at Siobhan Davies Studios in Elephant & Castle, London.
Start Time:  18:00
Finish Time: 20:00
Starts on: Friday, March 25, 2022
Ends on: Friday, October 28, 2022
In this new series we are creating spaces and offering tools for participants to ignite and harness a sense of inspiration, connection and resilience through practice.   
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Drop-in tickets are available, although we encourage you to consider enrolling on the full series and committing to all 6 workshops if you can. During the sessions, we hold space for each other, creating the conditions for self and group care. A session involves breath and bodywork; movement and touch; activities to promote connection, resilience and inspiration - being and playing together in open or guided teachings or improvisations.

No prior experience is necessary to join the sessions. A spirit of openness and lifting off judgement (not discernment) is encouraged. The bodywork is gentle and adaptable. Wear clothes you can move in with either bare feet or studio friendly footwear. Bring a journal for your own personal use and perhaps a drink. Consider current guidelines for 'living with Covid-19’.
Bartenieff-Laban Qigong Dance
'Metamorphosis' connection, resilience and inspiration

In-person @ Siobhan Davies Studios, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6ER

movers-shakers-thinkers! come and join these unique dance workshops exploring connection, resilience and inspiration through Qigong infused Laban/Bartenieff movement fundamentals

London movers and dancers welcome to join these six movement and dancer research classes - Qigong infused Bartenieff-Laban Contemporary Dance

Professional dancers - develop your presence through Qigong infused Laban-Bartenieff dance

Series of six professionally taught studio dance classes in Central London - Bartenieff / Laban Fundamentals

Modern Contemporary and Qigong Dance studio classes for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Connecting Bartenieff-Laban dance with Qigong for health and wellbeing. Book online now.

Affordable enrolment on six taught Laban Bartenieff and Qigong in-person dance classes.

Discover Contemporary Dance that connects with Qigong in six affordable monthly workshops

Movers, shakers and dancers. Enrol on this Laban Qigong Dance series of monthly classes in a beautiful central studio location 

Six Friday evenings (Drop-In's Welcome) :

25th March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
- 'Estrangement' overcoming resistance, finding flow
29th April, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
- 'Landing' body architectures of grounding and support
27th May, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
- 'Rewilding' igniting internal impulses
29th July, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
- 'Aqua Carriers' liquid bodies in flow, immersion, finding effortless-effort
23rd September, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
- 'Difference' harmonic scales, prisms of connection
28th October, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
- 'Metamorphosis' kinespeheres, shaping and becoming


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With support from the National Lottery Community Fund:

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Presented by Intercultural Roots ‘Arts for Health & Social Change’ Programme:
Intercultural Roots (IR) is an independent not-for-profit charity born from the Institutional Frameworks work strand of the Embodied Research Working Group at the IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research.  Its co-founders (2015-2018) include Dr Alex Boyd (Executive Director, UK), Prof. Lynette Hunter (Canada), Dr Ian Kenvyn (UK), Dr Peter Lichtenfels (Canada), Dr Ben Spatz (USA/UK) and Clare Kenvyn (UK) with additional Trustee/Directors Dr Andréa Maciel (Brazil/UK, Artistic Director),  Dr Alvaro Hernandez (Colombia), Prof. Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal (New Zealand), Regina Gutierrez (Colombia).  Since March 2020 over 100 artist-practitioners have been supported to deliver over 1,000 high quality classes to benefit over 10,000 participants.

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