15 June, 2022

GENesis: POCKET CONFERENCE - Innovation and Reinvention. Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals | GENesis 2022, November 21-27, 2022

Deadline to submit: July 15, 2022

fu-GEN Theatre Company, Canada’s premiere Asian Canadian Theatre Company, invites proposals for GENesis 2020, our second conference and festival on Asian Canadian theatre. Founded in 2002, fu-GEN is devoted to providing a home for the Asian Canadian theatre artist, nurturing their voices, and producing works of the highest artistic caliber that explore the Asian Canadian experience. In 2010, we hosted the first ever conference on Asian Canadian theatre, bringing together the two vital practices of performance and research.

In November 2022, we will be hosting GENesis: Pocket Conference, a conference and festival with the theme: INNOVATION AND REINVENTION, a reflection of the last decade of Asian Canadian performance and research, a critical look at our present moment focusing on the pandemic’s effect on digital performance and presentation, and a glimpse of what lies ahead.

This conference and festival will feature digital artistic presentations, paper presentations, panels, and round tables. It will take place in FIVE different cities across North America, Europe and Asia. Each city will have a day of in-person activities which will be broadcast globally as podcasts the following day.

GENesis welcomes proposals from theatre and performance scholars, critics, and creators, for inclusion in our 2022 Pocket Conference. We are looking for engagements with the broad spectrum of Asian-ness (including but not limited to Pan-Asia Pacific, South Asia, Western Asia and the Middle East, and Pacific Islanders), and our relationship to the theatre and the theatrical. We welcome proposals that explore the wide range of contemporary practice/performance, intersectional identities, and historical impact. More specifically, we are interested in how Asian performance artists are engaging with technology in new ways since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite papers that speak to the intersections of Asian performance and virtual spaces, digital presentation, protest art, and/or shifting political landscapes. We hope to shape a complex tool-set for practitioners and researchers that extend the discussions begun at our 2010 conference, helping navigate the space we’re in and guiding us forward

We invite a range of proposals, including:

•            Academic papers

•            Panel conversations (please include a list of panelists and their affiliations)

•            Innovative presentations

Those wishing to participate in GENesis Pocket Conference should submit their abstract (maximum 250 words) to https://link.fu-gen.org/pocket (requirements listed on submission page)

Please submit by July 15, 2022. Accepted proposals will be notified by July 22, 2022. For more information or questions, email marissa@fu-gen.org with the subject heading GENesis 2022

More on the Conference can be found here: https://www.fu-gen.org/genesis

Please indicate if you will be requesting travel/accommodation support in the online form above.  We will be able to, on a competitive basis, cover travel expenses and accommodation for select participants, based on need.  Graduate and undergraduate students with no department funding will be prioritized.

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