Alexander Technique for Performers

11 January, 2022 by Alexander Boyd | 0 comments

Alexander Technique for Performers

An introduction to the relevance and application of Alexander Technique for performers’ wellbeing. A practical means for personal change that anyone can choose to apply to their lives.

As a performer you may benefit from help with posture, balance or movement, input into skill development — or if you simply wish to gain more control over your life — the Alexander Technique offers a great way for you to make the changes you seek.

The course offers the opportunity to:
  • explore the Alexander Technique (AT) in an interactive, exciting and experiential manner        
  • gain a practical experience of working with AT principle
  • develop skills to begin to apply the principles for oneself
  • gain insight into how the AT can enable performers to develop their practice and performance in a way that enhances wellbeing 
This 8 Workshop Course is suitable for all and no prior experience of the AT is necessary. We will be exploring activities that are basic to performance such as standing, sitting, using objects and instruments. There will also be  short talks and explanations and some enjoyable movement work. We suggest participants find a space where they won’t be disturbed, where they can adjust the temperature, and have something to lie down on comfortably, with cushions to support head and legs as well as something comfortable to sit on in front of the screen.

While the live workshops will take place in Zoom all participants will receive an invitation to join our Basecamp online forum for additional support and group communication.

Starting Tuesday 18th January 2022 through 15th March 2022
London (GMT) 6pm-7.30pm
San Francisco (PST) 10am-11.30am
New York (EST) 1pm-2.30pm
Berlin (CET) 19:00-20:30

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Take-Away Benefits:

On completion of the course, participants will:
  • have an increased understanding of Alexander Technique in daily personal practice
  • have gained a critical understanding of AT principles in everyday and stage performance
  • have a greater understanding of the implications of AT principles for those they work with
  • be able to incorporate the basics of AT into their performance practice
  • have developed techniques for preventing and alleviating back and neck pain
Victoria Door PhD is a founder member of the Professional Association of Alexander Teachers (PAAT), and director of PAAT’s Continuous Professional Development. Victoria works in private practice in the Alexander Technique and has also taken the skills she has learnt in the Technique into secondary school education. She lectured in Education at Keele University and has published two books on education, and has published work on John Dewey and the Alexander Technique. Victoria has an MSc in Mindfulness-Based Approaches from the University of Bangor and is a qualified Mindfulness teacher. Her dissertation was on mindful movement. Victoria's current research is on the relationship of Alexander Technique with mindfulness, and the Alexander Technique for performers. 

Rose Whyman PhD trained with PAAT and teaches courses in the Alexander Technique and Performance at the University of Birmingham to drama students. Her publications include two books on Konstantin Stanislavski and her current book project is entitled 'Performer Training in Revolutionary Russia: the Art and Science of Biomechanics'  Victoria and Rose train teachers of the Alexander Technique and research and offer courses in the Alexander Technique for performers of all kinds including teachers. 
Presented by Intercultural Roots ‘Arts for Health & Social Change’ Programme.
Intercultural Roots (IR) is an independent not-for-profit charity born from the Institutional Frameworks work strand of the Embodied Research Working Group at the IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research.  IR's cofounders (2015-2018) include Dr Alex Boyd (Executive Director), Prof. Lynette Hunter, Dr Ian Kenvyn, Dr Peter Lichtenfels, Dr Ben Spatz and Clare Kenvyn with additional Trustee/Directors Dr Andréa Maciel (Brazil/UK, Artistic Director),  Dr Alvaro Hernandez (Colombia), Prof. Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal (New Zealand), Regina Gutierrez (Colombia).  Since March 2020 over 100 artist-practitioners have been supported to deliver over 1,000 high quality classes to benefit over 10,000 participants.

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