IFTR Scenography Working Group Prague Quadrennial 2023 Interim Event

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IFTR Scenography Working Group Prague Quadrennial 2023 Interim Event

Symposium on Transformative Scenographic Discourses and Practices, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 9th June 2023.

The IFTR Scenography Working Group co-conveners are inviting you to submit abstracts (200 to 250-word) for 15-minute papers or 7-minute practice presentations that align with the RARE Prague Quadrennial 2023 objectives as well as engaging with the evolution of discourses in scenographic research for this interim IFTR event hosted by Charles University and Arts and Theatre Institute Prague. 


Agential, affective entanglements of scenographic matter not only contribute to the making of performing bodies, spaces, and places, they can also actively participate in the shaping cultures and social practices that can be meaningful beyond national and cultural boundaries.   The Prague Quadrennial offers us the opportunity to engage with situated practices and discourses as well as with the possibilities of transnational and trans-cultural encounters.


We are therefore interested in transformative scenographic discourses, practices, and activist performances that bring to the fore urgent matters such as climate change, conflict, colonialism, neo-colonialism, power imbalances, social exclusions, and cultural marginalisation. These may present materialisations of resistance, oriented towards resilient social and environmental well-being as drives towards change.  They may foreground spatial design practices for performance, costume, lighting, sound, digital and mediated performance, addressing environmental, political, gendered concerns in ways that highlight agency and responsibility. We are also interested in interdisciplinary approaches, including those that demonstrate scenography’s ability to draw from and contribute to discourses in other fields.   

-       Transformative transnationalism / trans culturalism and scenography

-       Situated scenographic cultures

-       Affect and scenography

-       Activist practices


-       Politics and scenography


-       Scenographic participation, co-creation and co-operation


-   Scenography as practicing and experiencing creativity and human connectivity


-   Physicality, materiality and the senses in scenographic practices and discourses


-   Scenography’s impact in interdisciplinary projects and discourses 


-      Any of the above from historical perspectives

Please note:

This is an in-person symposium.

There is no fee for joinning this event, but if you are accepted to present you will need to join or renew your IFTR membershipMore information on membership pricing can be found here.


Planning your visit: The symposium is on the 9th June at Charles University, but there may be alternative presentation dates on the 11th, 12th or 13th June at a different venue.


Please send your abstracts to both the Working Group Co-conveners no later than the 27th Feb 2023:


Dr Donatella Barbieri d.barbieri@arts.ac.uk


Dr Christina (Xristina) Penna x.penna@derby.ac.uk


With many thanks to colleague Věra Velemanová from Charles University and Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague who will be leading the organisation of this symposium.

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