Call for Papers: Asian Theatre Working Group IFTR 2022, Reykjavik Meeting

24 November, 2021 by Sir Anril Tiatco | 0 comments

Call for Papers: Asian Theatre Working Group IFTR 2022, Reykjavik Meeting

The Asian Theatre Working Group invites proposals from researchers and practitioners for its Summer Meeting during the 2022 IFTR World Congress

CALL FOR PAPERS: Asian Theatre Working Group IFTR World Congress 2022

Reykjavik, Iceland

Shifting Centres / Unsettling Grounds

20 to 24 June 2022


Deadline for bursary applications: 15 December 2021

Deadline for proposals: 31 January 2022


For our meeting during the 2022 IFTR World Congress, we are adapting the following brief as the centerpiece of our working group: 


In relation to performance and performance studies the centre is also interesting to look at from the standpoint of the route of influence, methods and study. If the image of a ‘hub’ of artistic and intellectual progressiveness is revealed as a city of diverse demography and a multitude of cultural currents, questions may be raised of the authenticity of the ‘national’ culture such cultural capitals tend to emphasise and privilege. The ‘centre’ may be seen as a point of exchange, rather than as a point of origin, a site of interconnectedness or interweaving, where the margins meet and interact. The position of the academic centre, individual fields of study and research may also be seen as points of exchange, rather than disciplinary silos, where an exchange with other disciplines provide connections and create new pathways of study.


Some specific sub-themes that might be helpful when you think of your proposals:


·      The Asian Region as a center of theatre and performance discourse

·      From the margins to the center: post-colonial performances in the Asian Region

·      Reconstructing the Asiannesses of Asian Theatre 

·      History of Asian performance practices from below

·      Asianization of theatre genres vs. Foreignization of Asian theatre practices

·      Theatre and decolonialization in Asia

·     Asian theatre practices in/and the Euro-American region (Asian performers in the Euro-American geographies)

·      Community, Tradition and Heritage in Contemporary Performance Practices

·      What is post-dramatic in the context of Asian Theatres? 

·      Theatre audiences in Asia and their influences in artistic production

·      Post-Covid-19 Theatres in the Asian Region

·      Asian Theatre is/as Post-modern performance practice

·      Asian representations onstage and the invention of the other and the stranger  


We are not limiting your submissions / proposals on these sub-themes. As long as your presentation/proposal is a deconstruction, reconstruction, interrogation and problematization of the center/periphery and your subject is a performance in or about Asia, you are welcome to join the conversation in Reykjavik.


We circulate written papers (of up to 4,000 words) to members in advance of the conference to encourage active exchange and constructive conversations with each other. Papers will be workshopped during the meeting. Papers will be circulated in May 2022. 


To facilitate this process, we request presenters to email final drafts of their papers to the conveners on or before 30 April 2022. 


For questions and inquiries, please email Dr. Sir Anril P. Tiatco at


Working Group Conveners:

Dr. Sir Anril P. Tiatco, 

Prof. Yasushi Nagata,  

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