REMIMDER: Call For Papers Studia Dramatica no.2/2021 - "The Living Archives" Deadline for submissions: July 15 2021

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Studia Dramatica no. 2/2021 proposes to researchers in the fields of performing arts an issue dedicated to new methods of activating theater and performing arts archives


The Living Archives:


Saving and Activating the Heritage of Performing and Visual Arts 




Studia Dramatica no. 2/2021 proposes to researchers in the fields of performing arts, film, visual arts, history, cultural studies, museography, social sciences and humanities a thematic issue dedicated to the preservation and activation of archival heritage, be it textual (documents, chronicles, letters, journals, advertising), iconographic, filmic, or performative.


The intention of the editors is not only to highlight the patrimonial, research and reflection values of archives of any kind, but also to propose new, dynamic, revealing formulas, methodologies, and projects to activate this field, through bold and reliable initiatives for information distribution in the era of instant communication.


In this sense, we propose the following sub-themes, without limiting ourselves to them:




         Classical and innovative archiving systems for the performing and visual arts, including film and media.


         Selection systems between public and personal interest. How to filter and select personal archives


         Image archiving, an independent art? Video archiving, ordering video archives, their circulation.


         New models for distributing the archived patrimony to the public.


         Secondary education, vocational education and the importance of heritage archiving and activation.


         Archiving, documentation, capitalization in the performing arts and cinema.


         Ethical, economic, and technical issues in the process of activating the patrimony of performing and visual arts.






Deadline for submissions: July 15 2021


Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through our submission portal, where you can find additional guidance for authors:


For all inquiries, please contact the issue editors:


Prof. Miruna Runcan PhD:


Dr. Mihai Pedestru:


Started in 2006, Studia UBB Dramatica is a biannual, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal in the filed of theatre, film and performing arts edited by the Babeș-Bolyai University’s Theatre and Film Faculty. It publishes scholarly articles, studies, interviews and book and performance reviews. For more information about the journal, please see our homepage:





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