19 July, 2021

Prize Winners for 2020 and 2021

Congratulations to all Prize Winners!


New Scholars Prize: Guanda Wu,  lecturer at the Hangzhou Normal University, China.
for his essay ‘Republican Nandan, the Discourse of Chinese “Aestheticism,” and the Formation of Nandan’s “Artistic” Femininity’.

Helsinki  Prize: Sheetala Bhat,  research scholar, Western University, Canada.
for the essay ‘In-between Love: Performance of Intimate Love as Making of Counterpublics in Mandeep Raikhy’s Queen-size

Weston Twardowski,  PhD scholar, Northwestern University
Received an honorable Mention for the essay ‘Peering into the    Past: New Orleans Flooded House Museum and Re/Living History’.



New Scholars Prize winner: Reka Polonyi , Researcher, teacher and social practitioner, Manchester University, UK.
for the essay ‘Playful disobedience in the Model for a Qualitative Society; a method of practice for uncertain times’.

Helsinki Prize: Hayana Kim, research scholar, Northwestern University
for the essay ‘Performing Democracy in the Graveyard: Military Dictatorship and Commemorative Activism in South Korea’

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