Call for papers - 19th century provincial theaters’ practices

23 February, 2021 by Raphaël Bortolotti | 0 comments

Call for papers - 19th century provincial theatres’ practices

International conference focused on provincial theatres’ practices in the 19th century held in Feltre (Italy) on the 6–7 October 2021.

Provincial theatres in the RisorgimentoAdministrative practices, scenography, music, audience and scheduling

This conference, held in Feltre on the 6–7 October 2021, will be focused on the Feltre Theatre in the 19th century. The aim of these days of scientific exchange is a discussion on various aspects of provincial theatres’ practices – on the one hand through case studies similar to the one in Feltre, on the other hand through broader investigations that provide a general framework. The conference will include two days of presentations with keynote talks which will open the different sessions (about 40 min.), and shorter interventions on more specific aspects or on single case studies (about 15 min.). The aspects analysed will be: the socio-political context of provincial theatres, their administration, reception, stage design, programming, acting, music and singing, tastes and fashions. The Feltre theatre, with its original scenic materials, will form the backdrop for the workshop.

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