Health & WELLTH Festival 2021: 'Navigating the Unknown' 6 - 15 May Online

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Health & WELLTH Festival 2021: 'Navigating the Unknown' 6 - 15 May Online

HEALTH & WELLTH FESTIVAL 2021 (6 - 15 May). Navigating the Unknown. An Intercultural Roots 'arts for health & social change' online festival.

Exploring collective horizons for arts and well-being across cultural borders.
6 - 15th May

The 'Health & WELLth festival 2021' offers Masterclasses, Symposium, Workshops, Healing Hubs and Performances that explore how the arts and well-being intersect across transdisciplinary and cultural borders.

We are inviting artists, scholars, performance makers and healers, as well as the general public, to respond to the question of how we can navigate the unknowingness of these times through different practices. This practitioner-researcher festival will explore, challenge our thinking and encourage critical reflection on the themes of trans-cultural collaboration, collective horizons and arts practices.

We want to promote a series of practical immersions and reflections on what was lost or gained in this last year of pandemic and how we can enhance and expand our possibility of dreaming together and hopefully setting new purposes for navigating towards new collective horizons.

* 17 online festival events facilitated by 52 practitioners from around the world *

This International Online Festival draws together in total, 52 highly experienced and insightful practitioners, and scholars and skilled performers from the UK & Europe, North & South America, India and Africa who are facilitating over 30 hours of professionally led wide-ranging workshops, performances, discussions and masterclasses.

discover more and find affordable tickets here:

Please note that to make the festival as affordable as possible and following IFTR’s membership rates example we have included for each event a Bursary Ticket that is only for people living in countries classed by the World Bank as ‘low income' and 'lower-middle income’. Any enquiries to

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Thanks to all 52 artists and practitioners involved and to our core team at Intercultural Roots Alex, Andrea, Wendy and Alice who have been working tirelessly for the last month and mostly voluntarily to bring the festival to life. We're grateful to Dwayne from Ars Secta for his work in re-developing the website that Maggi Swallow first helped us create for the festival we had to postpone due to Covid last year and thanks Dwayne for our new Intercultural Roots web-baby! Thanks Tiago Gambogi for designing our main flier for the festival and to all the artists and practitioners for their work in confirming dates, images, video teasers and all. We appreciate Peter Kramer's voluntary support in writing copy and helping with promotion. Together we will make a difference.

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With: Alex Boyd, Andrea Maciel Garcia, Wendy van der Haagen-Boyd, Alice Motta, Tiago Gambogi, Alvaro Hernandez, Renata Carvalho, Alexandre Mello, Almiro Andrade, Julia Testas, Shabari Rao, Will Crawford, Sena Atsugah and the Tifali Organisation - Ghana (Beatrice Sakyibea, Mawusi Nenonene, Bernard Dablah, Nathaniel Asamoah, Gabriel Bokorvi, Lenny Asharku Amoo, Atsu Ablordey, Daniel Babyi, Bernard Dablah), Marije Nie, Charlene Ossler, Alex Feng, Caleb Isiche and the Newstar Group - Kenya (Julian Mabwa, Alice Joseph, Justus Ombisi and Remmy Omondi), Jeremy Lent, Ian Kenvyn, Thingamajigs Performance Group (Edward Schocker, Suki O'Kane, Keith Evans and Dylan Bolles), Nita Little, Gabriela Flarys, Smile Vidya, Fernanda Mandagará, Maiada Salfiti, Jon Petter, Patrick Campbell, Vanessa Godoy and Menuela Benini Thank you to our Trustees and Advisors not mentioned above Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, Prof Lynette hunter, Regina María Gutiérrez, Clare Kenvyn and Ben Spatz 

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