'Get Active Online!' Help to support psycho-physical health with Live embodiment Zoom sessions.

23 March, 2020 | 0 comments

'Get Active Online!' Help to support psycho-physical health with Live embodiment Zoom sessions.

COVID-19 response from Embodied Research WG & offspring 'Intercultural Roots' is a platform for delivery of Live Zoom wellness sessions that also support freelance practitioners. Help requested..

To slow down the global pandemic that is Coronavirus requires a rapid shutting-down of cities and nations to physically distance people through lock-down. Millions of people from almost every country are becoming isolated at home, many of whom on their own and very afraid for their selves / family / friends and future.  Physical and mental health deterioration is highly probable unless a sizeable and concerted intervention is provided. Please help if you can!


Intercultural Roots' (IR) rapid response 2 weeks ago was to adapt a project called 'Get Active Online!' (part funded with £10K from the UK National Lottery Community Fund through the Youth Media Group).  The original purpose of the project was to develop audio-visual tutorials and live Facebook feeds from the London based 'Health & WELLth Festival' planned for April 3-5 which is now postponed - please see and register at https://www.healthwellth.org


The IR team, that I'm hugely proud to facilitate, last week converted all studio workshops (qigong-dance-yoga-Pilates-taichi etc) and practitioner / creative labs (including the Cross Pollination Group featured in our main article photo) to Zoom Pro gratefully under license from the University of California (Theatre & Dance) - thanks to Prof. Lynette Hunter.  I'm very grateful for the four years I spent developing and delivering a blended learning embodied practice degree in Leeds, UK that provided me with experience of the Moodle VLE and how to support students online. After a week of successful reality trials and continuous improvement from feedback received, train-the-trainer guidelines are being collated to support other embodied practitioners (artists and somatic bodyworkers) to transition from physical distancing to live online embodied connectivity.  We decided early on that we did not like the term 'social distancing'!


Initially, different Zoom meeting rooms were established for people to register into sessions that were each individually being promoted.  Although they attracted sizeable numbers, this led to confusion. So, over the weekend a new webpage has been developed that provides Google Calendar access to all the FREE OF CHARGE IR funded Get Active Online! events, all within one Zoom meeting room with a simplified ID: 8080804040.  IR is paying freelance embodied practitioners to deliver these interactive Zoom sessions that can each connect up to 300 participants to an audience of up to 10,000! Additionally, we have included a shared, open Google Calendar (Dr Ben Spatz's idea) that allows practitioners from outside the immediate IR sphere to easily share their online embodied sessions with what we call the 'Embodied Practice Community' calendar (by including our calendar ID email address as an 'invitee').   This second calendar provides a go-to virtual space for the public to access a whole range of live, online and interactive sessions. We are next considering non-english language extensions.


Please visit www.getactiveonline.org   - it currently forwards to https://www.interculturalroots.org/getactiveonline


Help request 1:  Please help spread the webpage link to i) the public, and ii) to practitioners delivering live, online embodied sessions of all types so they can share their events on the Embodied Practice Community calendar.

Help request 2Please donate via the above page or via the CAF America Donor Advised Fund managed by myself.  All donations received will go towards paying freelance embodied practitioners to create engaging online content and to deliver further live Zoom sessions.

Help request 3: Please subscribe for updates via the www.getactiveonline.org webpage or by emailing with feedback and ideas: hello [at] interculturalroots.org


Kind regards and many thanks if you are able to help,




Dr Alex Boyd
Executive Director - Intercultural Roots
Founder IFTR Embodied Research Working Group
Research Associate - University of California at Davis (Theatre & Dance)

e  amcboyd@ucdavis.edu / alex@interculturalroots.org
m  +44 7753 611768 (FaceTime / WhatsApp)

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