"Envisioning Asylum / Engendering Crisis" : Special Issue of RiDE Out Now

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"Envisioning Asylum / Engendering Crisis" : Special Issue of Research in Drama Education Out Now

Research in Drama Education has just published a special issue on "Envisioning Asylum / Engendering Crisis" that may be of interest: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/crde20/23/2

Research in Drama Education has just published a special issue on "Envisioning Asylum / Engendering Crisis," edited by Emma Cox  (RHUL) and Carolline Wake (UNSW)https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/crde20/23/2 
Hopefully the issue will be of use to you and your colleagues when teaching or writing about refugees and performance, and in the lead-up to this year's conference.
Envisioning asylum/engendering crisis: or, performance and forced migration 10 years on
Emma Cox and Caroline Wake 137 
What can theatre do about the refugee crisis? Enacting commitment and navigating complicity in performative interventions
Anika Marschall 148
Performing crisis: the COBRA Committee and the aesthetics of governmental response
Theodore Price 167
Performing that which exceeds us: aesthetics of sincerity and obscenity during ‘the refugee crisis’
Marilena Zaroulia 179
Debt, the migrant, and the refugee: Lampedusa on stage
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald 193
At the ‘frontiers’ of humanitarian performance: refugee resettlement, theatre-making and the geo-politics of service
Matthew Yoxall 210
Performing manaaki and New Zealand refugee theatre
Rand T. Hazou 228
‘Behind every stone awaits an Alexander’: unravelling the limits of participation within micro and macro dramaturgy of participatory
refugee theatre
Sofie de Smet, Lucia De Haene, Cécile Rousseau and Christel Stalpaert 242
Reframing the document(ary): exploring asylum policies on stage
Friederike Oberkrome 259
Performing witnessing: dramatic engagement, trauma and museum installations
Erika Hughes 274
The importance of being gay: the perils and possibilities of LGBTI asylum seekers’ involvement in Rights of Passage
Clare Summerskill 282
Reiterating Asylum Archive : documenting direct provision in Ireland
Vukasin Nedeljkovic 289
Parking des Anges [parking angels]: navigating the ‘in-between’ as spaces of transition through the arts in Durban, South Africa
Miranda Young-Jahangeer 294
Image theatre: transforming perspectives through embodied responses to refugee drawings in Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow (Traceability is Credibility) at the 2017 Venice Biennale
Henry Bell and Bryan McCormack 298


Performing home in Barcelona: a practice-based photo essay
Esther Belvis Pons 320


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