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2017 Conference in Sao Paulo is approaching and the Bursary Application process is now open (submission deadline: December 22nd). If you want to apply, request the form at iftrbursaries2017@gmail.com

In its aim to foster international exchange, the IFTR offers finnancial aid to scholars willing to participate in its Annual Conference. To apply for a bursary, you have to fill a form (to be requested at iftrbursaries2017@gmail.com) with the following information:

1.- Personal info

2.- Referee's details, and support letter

3.- Budget

All amounts you mention below will be re-assessed by the Bursary Committee.

This step will be taken for the benefit of ALL applicants.

Applicants from Band B countries will get a maximum bursary up to 70% percent of these revised expenses.

Applicants from Band A countries will get a maximum bursary up to 50% of these revised expenses.

The bursaries will be disbursed by a bank transfer that will be processed on July 13th. Please consider that bank transfers usually take a week for the money to be available.

4.- Abstract proposal

5.- Brief cv


Policy Statement

Any bursary awarded by the IFTR is for the purposes of fostering and supporting scholars from all over the globe.

Abstract submission is a separate procedure. General Panel organizers and Working Group conveners will assess the abstract, and inform in due time whether it has been accepted. The Bursary Subcommittee is exclusively responsible for financial support allocation, and is not entitled to provide acceptance letters to the conference. 

Applicants must become members of IFTR/FIRT in order to submit their abstracts.

Applicants should submit their referee’s letter along with the application form (as a separate file, or inserted in the application itself).

Should you be the winner of the New Scholars or Helsinki Prize, your bursary application will fall away. In other words you will not receive a double award.

Bursary awardees are expected to attend the full conference and IFTR/FIRT plenary on the last day. You cannot expect to be paid out in full if you have not attended the conference in full.

The IFTR 2017 Bursary Application Form can be downloaded here.




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