IFTR Conference Bursaries 2014

01 November, 2013

If you wish to attend the IFTR/FIRT conference in Warwick, England, UK in 2014, but could have difficulty accessing the necessary resources, IFTR/FIRT invites you to apply for a bursary. Please note the following principles in this regard.

  1. The Federation awards its bursaries according to the quality of the applicant's proposal for a paper and according to the degree of his or her financial need.
  2. Funds are limited and only applicants deemed to be most worthy may be awarded bursaries. Some preference will be given to New Scholars and applicants from developing countries.
  3. First time applicants need not be members of IFTR to be eligible for a bursary; however, if successful, they will have to join the Federation in order to participate in the conference. The cost of membership of IFTR is not covered by the bursary but it is relatively small (see website for further information) Second and third time applicants must be members at the time of applying.
  4. Award of a bursary carries with it the expectation that bursary holders will make the most of their conference attendance in terms of learning about research, delivering their paper, interchanging with other delegates, and making a contribution to the organisation and thus to theatre scholarship in general. Bursary holders MUST ATTEND THE FULL CONFERENCE and not miss sessions!
  5. It is anticipated that applicants will apply for financial support in the categories of subsistence, travel, and conference registration. Applicants should note that economy class airfares, the relevant conference fee for members and reasonably priced accommodation will be considered appropriate. The committee reserves the right finally to determine the amount of support.
  6. Only complete applications will be considered and candidates must also arrange for one supporting reference to be submitted by the deadline. The application form (see below) should be accompanied by an abstract of 200–250 words.
  7. Applicants submitting papers for a Working Group must meet the 1 December 2013 deadline. Their abstracts will be considered by both the Bursary Sub-committee and the relevant Working Group Convenor.
  9. Applicants may submit abstracts in French.
  10. Awards will be announced by mid-January to allow awardees time to book their journeys and obtain visas where necessary.
  11. IFTR reserves the right to award or withhold its bursaries at its own discretion.
  12. In order to collect a bursary, awardees must email a copy of their air/bus/train ticket to the Bursary Sub-committee Chair by the requested date, usually one month before travel.
  13. Bursary funds will only be disbursed on the last day of the conference.
  14. Applicants can only receive bursaries from IFTR three times, i.e. for three IFTR conferences.

The bursary application form may be downloaded from the link on the Conference Bursaries page. Send completed forms to Gay Morris, email gay.morris@uct.ac.za by 1 December 2013.

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