Welcome to the New IFTR Homepage

16 July, 2013


Our new homepage allows our members to post news and updates directly to the site and easily reach each other.

Once you have logged in with the username and password you received when you registered your membership on the Cambridge Journals Online website, you will see a blue 'Create New Post' button. To make a post simply click this button then add a title and text (you can even add an image and attachments like PDFs), hit 'Save' and your post will appear. If you are familiar with any text editor, blogging platform or even an email platform then you will be posting with no trouble at all.

Please note that because the post takes a few seconds to upload to the server there will be a slight delay, so only click 'Save' ONCE otherwise multiple copies of the post will appear on the homepage and cause confusion.

As soon as your post is published it will be posted automatically on our Facebook and Twitter sites and sent out in our weekly digest email as well, ensuring that you can quickly reach other members.

For more help you can view a tutorial video that will walk you through the process of posting and editing.


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