Theatre and Performance Design Call for Papers Special Issue: Theatre Architectures

18 December, 2018 by Andrew Filmer | 0 comments

Theatre and Performance Design Call for Papers Special Issue: Theatre Architectures

Guest editor Andrew Filmer is seeking proposals for a special issue of the journal Theatre and Performance Design on the topic of Theatre Architectures (Autumn 2019; Vol. 5 No. 3)

This special issue on ‘theatre architectures’ proposes an examination of the relationship between theatre and architecture that focuses on the work of scenographers, performance designers, and interdisciplinary spatial artists. Theatre and performance design is a field concerned as much with the authoring of social space and experience as it is about the specifics of design for theatrical performance. Scenography’s expanded and inclusive critical remit embraces a wide range of spatial practices and new media as well as exploring the agency and performativity of objects and materials. So, how are theatre and performance designers engaging with and re-authoring architecture, and what are the implications of this for the design of theatres and performance spaces? How are these artists’ projects redefining the possibilities of contemporary performance space?

This issue invites contributions that explore how expanded practices of theatre and performance design can shift our understanding of theatre architecture and performance space and open up new possibilities for social exchange and interaction. Looking beyond the theatre building as historic artefact, this issue will consider how designers are exploring and exploiting the performativity of architecture and challenging its presumed fixity. Recognizing that site-specific, relational, and spatially inventive modes of working have in many respects rejected traditional theatre architecture, this issue will also explore how these practices can also re-enable theatres and performance spaces to perform valuable roles as dynamic sites of artistic production, communal gathering, and social expression.

This special issue of Theatre and Performance Design, ‘Theatre Architectures’, invites contributions from scholars and practitioners in the form of scholarly articles, visual or photographic essays, interviews and dialogues/conversations.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

- Interdisciplinary encounters between performance, scenography, and architecture
- Artist-led approaches to the design of theatres and performance spaces
- Projects and practices by architect-scenographers
- The appropriation, occupation and/or détournement of theatre architecture
- Critical and creative re-appraisals of existing theatre typologies
- The spatial performativity of theatre buildings.
- Performative relations between theatre architecture and urban space
- Performance Architecture
- Imagined and unbuilt theatre architectures
- Theatre architecture and the construction/contestation of community and identity
- Performance space at and beyond the edges of the urban

In the first instance proposals should take the form of a 300 word abstract to be submitted to editorial associate Nick Tatchell at by January 24th 2019.

For accepted proposals the deadline for full articles (6000-8000 words) or alternative forms of submission: June 24th 2019.

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