Call For Papers: IFTR Theatre & Architecture Working Group, Shanghai July 2019

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Call For Papers: IFTR Theatre & Architecture Working Group, Shanghai July 2019

The Theatre & Architecture Working Group invites proposals from researchers and practitioners for our meeting during the 2019 IFTR Conference

Deadline for bursary applications: 20 November 2018
Deadline for proposals: 7 January 2019

The theme for the 2019 IFTR Conference in Shanghai is Theatre, Performance, and Urbanism. For our meeting during the conference we invite proposals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds which respond to the related theme of Performative Urbanism as Critical Spatial Practice. While relating to performance as aesthetic, operational and technological events, the performative in architecture specifically concerns what the built environment actively does rather than what it describes: thereby producing effects as well as affect.  However, this doing can both reinforce or challenge socially prescribed performances in public space: interrogating how the social, political and economic realities of our cities are constructed and enacted beyond the prescribed stage. How do the spatial arts – urban, architectural, interior, exhibition, installation and scenographic design – critically address the city as both myth and reality? How does performance itself speak to urban spatiality?

Proposals may address (but are not limited to):

  • Urban scenographies
  • Event-Space in the city
  • Tactical urbanism strategies
  • Enacting spatial justice in the public realm
  • Embodied modes of engaging with the built environment
  • Interdisciplinary encounters between theatre/scenography/performance studies and architecture/urban studies.
  • Historic and contemporary architectural and urban dramaturgies
  • Projects and practices by architect-scenographers-urbanists
  • Methods of urban engagement, participation and activism
  • The city as performance space and/or performance space in the city
  • Spatial performativity and theatre architecture
  • The appropriation and/or détournement of monumental architectures/theatre architectures
  • Performative relations between theatre architecture and urban space
  • Artist-led approaches to the design of new urban performance spaces
  • Speculative, imagined and unbuilt theatre architectures
  • Performance space at and beyond the edges of the urban

We invite proposals for presentations that may take one of the following forms: academic papers (15-20 minutes), PechaKucha-style presentations (still/moving images timed at 10-minutes/600 seconds), screenings, short workshop demonstrations or performative engagements with the city of Shanghai. Please be mindful that resources and time for workshops or performative engagements will be limited.

Abstract Submission
Please submit abstracts through the Cambridge Core website. In order to make a submission you will need to become a member of IFTR first: When you submit your abstract please make sure that you indicate that you are submitting to the Theatre & Architecture Working Group.

Please also send a copy of your abstract to the Working Group conveners via email and clearly indicate the style of presentation you wish to make. All abstracts will be independently peer reviewed prior to acceptance.

Deadline for bursary applications: 20 November 2018.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 7 January 2019.

Our Process
We pre-circulate written papers (of up to 3,000 words) to members in advance of the conference to encourage in-depth exchange and a constructive and supportive ‘workshopping’ of members’ papers during our meetings. To facilitate this we ask that speakers email copies of written papers to the conveners by 10 June, 2019, for uploading to the group’s shared Dropbox. We also strongly encourage members to attend every session of the Working Group during the conference so as to contribute to discussion throughout.

During the IFTR Conference in Shanghai we warmly welcome new members who wish to take part in the group's discussions, but who do not want to submit a paper.

Further Information about the Theatre & Architecture Working Group

Working Group Conveners
Dr. Andrew Filmer:
Prof. Dorita Hannah:


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