Past, Present and Futures of the Creative Process in the Performing Arts

13 June, 2020 by Luk Van den Dries | 0 comments

Latest issue of European Journal of Theatre and Performance: on genetics of performance

We are delighted to announce that the new issue of the European Journal of Theatre and Performance, published by EASTAP (the European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance), is now available online:
Exceptionally, EASTAP gladly offers this new issue at no cost as a gesture of solidarity during these demanding and challenging times. Now that theatres are closed, festivals have been cancelled, and conferences have been postponed, both local and global communities of performance practitioners and scholars are more than ever in need of continuing the exchange of critical thought and in-depth research. By making this issue freely accessible, EASTAP wants to contribute to a climate of mutual support and ongoing dialogue, emphasizing the importance of artistic and creative imagination to get us through this period of crisis.
Below you can check out the Table of Contents. By going to the journal’s website, you can download separate sections, individual essays, or the issue as a whole.
Any responses to the issue are more than welcome. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at:
Enjoy your reading!
On behalf of EASTAP and the journal’s editorial team –
Agata Łuksza and Luk Van den Dries, Editors-in-Chief
Timmy De Laet, Managing Editor

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