From movement to words: how to write dance

21 January, 2021 by Claire Deville | 0 comments

From movement to words: how to write dance

From movement to words: how to write dance. A contemporary and social dancer perspective on her own process of creating poetic writing.



In my first novel about dance Les Poupées Sauvages as in the second about perfumes Les Citrons, I try to describe and write the body: what remains in us when movement, sensation, smell or emotion go away. How to represent the inexpressible, with the ambition of its subtlety? By what reflexive and creative process do we manage to communicate this disarray, this state of grace, ephemeral by definition? The problem that constantly arises for me seems to arise from this process: how to represent my dance? The aim of my practices is to refine my body, like an instrument, for the purpose of this research: translating the carnal into words.

To carry out this research and this large-scale body creation work, I begin to identify my own methodology. Inherent in my creative process, it is as personal as it is debatable: I can manipulate it but not choose it. It is essential to my writing act, and condemned by the condition of partnership of Argentine tango, a couple dance, improvised –an infinite change. My dance depends on me and on the other; I am never alone again. I dance, I work (during lessons or practices), and then I dance for whole nights until I reach this state of fullness, until I have eaten enough movement to stop everything. Then, in a state of frustration and physical lack, I can start writing. I dismember this human material, making my dance the living story of myself.


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