RIPPLES: 'What matters to you?'

04 October, 2020 by Alexander Boyd | 0 comments

RIPPLES: 'What matters to you?'

RIPPLES: starts on the 10th October and invites artists, with 7 Initiating Artists from continental timezones, to share a one-minute digital artefact in response to 'What matters to you?'.

RIPPLES: 'What Matters To You?'

RIPPLES is responding to the various challenges that we as individuals have had to face especially during COVID-19. Many people's lives have been affected and although we are "in the same storm we are in different boats".

We are inviting IFTR theatre researchers to share and invite artists to create a one-minute video or an image / writing responding to the theme 'What matters to you?'   The first opportunity is on Sat 10 October 2020 at sunrise!

It's an opportunity to amplify the voice of people all over the world and to create a picture of the local needs and issues that are currently being experienced. At the same time it is also an opportunity for the community of artists and the public to share, build ongoing and meaningful relationships and to look for ways that encourage mutual support.  It really is the start of a conversation.

RIPPLES is commissioning 7 Initiating Artists, each from different continental timezones who will lead responses from the 10th October (World Mental Health Day) and invite their communities to also take part on the subsequent dates.



We are inviting artists and the public from all over the world to create a one-minute video or an image / writing in response to the theme 'What matters to you?' You are asked to create your artistic response on the specified date(s) at the particular time of day (your local time) and share it with the hashtag #ripplesworld


  • 10th October - Sunrise (World Mental Health Day)  * START PREPARING NOW *

  • 24th October - Noon

  • 7th November - Sunset

  • 21st November - Midnight

  • 21st December - Everyone to respond at exactly the same time (to be announced)


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