New issue of Connessioni remote (University of Milan), Call for Papers: Artivism

01 November, 2020 by Anna Maria Monteverdi | 0 comments

New issue of Connessioni remote (University of Milan), Call for Papers: Artivism

CALL FOR PAPERS Artivism: Forms, Experiences, Practices and Theories. Deadline for abstracts submission: 15th November 2020 Send your abstract at:

Artivism is a term that indicates the union between art and political activism, a combination that has a long histoy but which has only been defined more recently, in relation to the appearance of the first telematic networks in the 1980s, and then spread with the development of internet and digital culture.

Contributions can address the following issues, but not exclusively:

- recognition of studies and research on Artivism

- recognition and analysis of online Artivism practices

- the creativity and sharing of actions on social media platforms

-artivism in new digital art formats (digital cultural jamming; light painting; video projection mapping)

-artivism and public art

- methods of analysis of artistic practices: critical thinking

- recognition and analysis of the problems concerning the link between art and Artivism (privacy, authorship, copyright, cultural appropriation)

- objectives and areas of political orientation of contemporary artistic practices: feminism and queer cultures; Artivism and corporeality; post-colonial contexts; racial justice;

-artivism and environmentalism,

-artivism and the geographies of migration

-strike art and guerrilla performance

- artivistic performative actions (individual and group artivistic practices, artivistic actions as part of protest manifestations, etc.)

- case studies and monographic contributions

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