15th Festival of International Student Theatre is Arriving in Digital Environment!

11 March, 2020

15th Festival of International Student Theatre is Arriving in Digital Environment!

FIST Society is Inviting You to the Awakening.

Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) is created in 2005, at the initiative of the students of Management and Production of Theatre, Radio and Culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Organized by students, FIST’s mission is to create an environment that brings together young theatre enthusiasts and gives them a platform to talk about their experiences and show their skills, as well as to present different theatrical practices of students from all around the world.

The fifteenth edition of FIST will be held from march 14th to march 20th 2020, only this year it is arriving in digital environment.

Given the current social situation on a global level, previously planned activities of the Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) are taking place online. The Festival was originally supposed to gather 11 academies from all Europe in different theatres in Belgrade, but having in mind the recent social events, we are moving its activities to web.

The final preparations for the Festival are being realised in the context of the current state of our society, caused by the occurrence and the expansion of the new type of virus COVID-19. Under these circumstances we have realised it is our humane, as well as artistic duty, to prevent potential further spreading of the virus both among the participants and audience within our country. Having all this in mind, we have reached a decision to redefine the concept and the message of this year’s Festival, as we wish to react to current events responsibly and rationally – not only in the name of an international festival that gathers young people, but also as an institution that educates future theatre and performing arts professionals and artists and teaches them to create based on the community values. Moreover, we believe it is imperative not to stop intercultural exchange, learning and support under present circumstances, but to keep it in a new form, so that we ensure the awakening that we want and to encourage academic networking in challenging times.

The new conception of the Festival does not include the arrival of the troupes from abroad anymore, though it is including and presenting them with an innovative, contemporary and interactive way. Previous conception and form of the Festival are adapted and moved to online environment, the troupes from abroad will have the chance to participate via live stream or by broadcasting the videos of their plays as a part of main program. The audience will be able to follow this content online on our website and our YouTube channel. After the performances, there will be live online discussions with the professors of European academies regarding the role of arts in the times of social crisis and new art forms developed under these circumstances.

Follow-up program will be realised through panels about the roles of artists and art in crisis, the meaning of solidarity, cooperation and mutual caring that helps better adjustments of everyday life to emergency situations at the global level. Exhibitions of the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Camera Department of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts will also take place digitally.

FIST 15 is taking place between 14th and 20th March 2020. Are you ready for the Awakening?


website: https://fist-festival.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FestivalOfInternationalStudentTheatre/

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fist_festival/


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