Performance-as-Research Working Group: CONTINUITIES in PRACTICE

19 June, 2020

The Performance-as-Research Working Group / International Federation for Theatre Research


-a virtual exchange in order to continue the conversation-

14, 20 & 23 July 2020


In light of Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent cancellation of this year’s annual conference for the International Federation of Theatre Research (FIRT/IFTR), the Performance-as-Research Working Group will be hosting a three-day virtual mini-conference over Zoom (a total of 6 online hours over two weeks). Amid the abrupt interruptions and tumultuous, potentially transformative change that is currently challenging so very many firmly established expectations, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, we offer these gatherings as opportunities to continue ongoing discourse among group members, with a focus on notions, theories, provocations and reflections on ‘continuit(ies)’ in arts practice.


Each of the three days will take on a different format in order to reflect the variety of modes that practice/research in the arts might be articulated. The event is free and open to all, and you may choose to attend one, two or three days. Each day requires you to book a place through the Eventbrite links included below.


EXCHANGE 1: Continuities... (120 minutes)

A General Panel in response to the theme, including four members of the PaR Working Group:


Annette Arlander (University of Helsinki)

Natalia Esling (University of British Columbia)

Priyanka Pathak (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Johnmichael Rossi (University of Northampton)

Moderated by Bruce Barton (University of Calgary)


WHEN: Tuesday 14th July, 4pm-6pm (BST)

To reserve a space, book here:


EXCHANGE 2: ...In Practice (180 minutes)

A series of online workshops co-designed and co-facilitated by members of the Working Group, drawing from their continued practice in response to the theme. (Facilitators will be announced in July)


WHEN: Monday 20th July, 4pm-7pm (BST)


You may reserve a space for this event as a ‘Participant’ or as an ‘Observer.’ There is limited space for ‘participants,’ with the expectation that participants will take part in the facilitated workshops, with access to video/audio.


To reserve a space, book here:



EXCHANGE 3: …Future Continuities… (60 minutes)

An open forum to reflect upon the above exchanges and transition the event into a ongoing exchange.


Moderated by: Manola Gayatri (University of  Witwatersrand)


WHEN: Thursday 23 July, 4pm-5pm (BST); followed by a virtual ‘happy hour’

To reserve a space, book here:


Any queries should be addressed to the PaR Working Group Conveners:

Bruce Barton, Manola Gayatri & Johnmichael



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