Performance and Disability Working Group Call for Conference Participation at Galway 2020

15 November, 2019 by Kate Maguire-Rosier | 0 comments

Performance and Disability Working Group Call for Conference Participation at Galway 2020

The IFTR Performance and Disability Working Group invites an unconventional 'Call for Participation' at the annual 2020 conference in Galway.

Call for Conference Participation:
IFTR Disability and Performance Working Group Gathering in Galway 2020
13-17 July 2020, NUI Galway
Abstract deadlines: 31 January 2020
Deadline for pre-circulating work: 15 May 2020
Bursary deadline: 15 December 2019

Next year’s IFTR Disability and Performance working group gathering will be a little different. Rather than a conventional call for individual presentations, our week-long meeting will consist of small focus groups each attending to a particular topic under the umbrella theme, ‘how disability performance travels’. Members are invited to submit individual 300-word proposals contributing to one or more topics, outlined below. Co-convenors, Yvonne and Kate, will then ‘matchmake’ members’ proposals to small focus groups. These ‘matches’ are invited to share their work-in-progress/paper with each other in advance (by May 15). Over the course of the 5-day conference week, groups will work closely together throughout the week, culminating with a sharing of findings and/or activities on the final day.
The guidance for these small focus groups will be quite open so that members feel free to work on any aspect of the topic, at any time(s) over the course of the conference that suit all members of the group. For the end-of-week sharing, anything from performance lectures to a summary of main points discussed throughout the week, a TED-style talk, a short film clip to even an entirely new research idea stemming directly from the group’s efforts that week (based in turn on submitted proposals) will be welcome. This intense networking and speedy collaboration plants opportunities for future projects within the working group but also enables close consultation on and ‘think tank’ approaches for our current book project: an edited collection How Disability Performance Travels (see Call for Papers here:

Moving towards this current project, we invite 300-word proposals outlining a paper/project that aligns explicitly to one or more topics below. If applicable, please indicate which of the sub-topics you are addressing. Please also explain clearly and in detail how your current research writ large relates to these topic(s):

1.     Travelling & Embodied Experience: Artists’ experience, audience experiences, critical responses from around the world,

2.     Travelling & Accessing Artistic Process: Aesthetics of access, ethics of access, logics of producing structures, cultural policy,

3.     Travelling & Internationalisation: Festivalisation, touring, mobility, performing in the Anthropocene/ climate crisis/ refugee crisis/ post-Fordist, neoliberal late capitalism/ the colonial state,

4.     Travelling & Digitalisation: Post-digitisation, documentation, performance archives, formats of dissemination,

5.     Travelling & Concepts of Disability: Shifts in history and culture.

Regarding the material shared in advance within allocated groups, individual papers or texts (max. 6000 words) or other (equivalent sized) material you would like to share in any media format (video/hybrid media, website, etc.) are welcome.
Please note that this shared material must be accessible through audio descriptions, subtitles, etc.

If you have already submitted an abstract for the book project, your submission for the conference might be coincident with your proposal for the book, but please note that in order to be considered for the book you need to submit an abstract separately by the deadline of 15 December 2019.

Please submit abstracts via the IFTR website ( and in addition via email to and by January 31 2020. In order to submit a proposal and to participate in the conference, you must be a member of the IFTR.

To submit an abstract please follow these instructions here:

If you already have a Cambridge Core account, you can download instructions on how to join IFTR here:

If you do not have a Cambridge Core account, you can download instructions on how to join IFTR here:

For more information on the Working Group and the conference see:

Information on bursaries can be found here:

General information on the conference can be found here:















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